CYO Events was founded in 2007 by siblings Crystal Murphy and Omar Mercado–both Monterey County natives. CYO Events provides professionals with unique entertainment experiences through the production of fun, sophisticated and high-quality events on the Central Coast. In 2009, the Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine (MBTC) was born. Wanting to share a part of their rich and colorful heritage, founders Crystal and Omar decided to introduce Tequila and agave spirits to consumers, enthusiasts and the try-curious in a whole new way–education and a first-class tasting experience. The MBTC has provided an opportunity to work with local non-profits raising funds to support programs that Crystal y Omar feel are imperative in the Monterey County communities.

With Omar relocating to southern California in 2014, CYO Events no longer could be CYO with the “O” to the CY”O” being 8 hours away (Omar still provides input, of course!) and the dedication of the MBTC Team helped keep the event alive. It certainly takes a village to put on this event, and the amazing team is mentioned below, so be sure to say hello and give a high-five when you see them in October:

Meet the team!

Crystal Murphy – Event Co-Founder

Omar Mercado – Event Co-Founder

Ralph Jimenez – VP of Operations, Agave Brand Support

Bibi LaMere – Chair, Silent Auction

Leon Gomez – Logistics and Event Support

Janna Lopez – Marketing and Public Relations Extraordinaire

Jordan Caballero – Nusol Concepts, Media

Advisory Committee: Rachel Nicholls & Grover Sanschagrin